Having a luxurious indoor pool is everyone’s dream. Especially in summer, swimming is more fun. Because the warm air will be nice if we swim especially if swimming in the indoor pool. And we would rather have fun swimming at home to maintain privacy compared to swimming in public swimming pools. If you have a big house it’s time to think about having a private indoor pool.

What should be prepared to have your own swimming pool? The first thing that needs to be prepared to create an indoor pool is a room inside the house. You can choose a room on the floor below to save costs. Because building a swimming pool on the 2nd or 3rd floor requires higher costs and higher maintenance costs.

And the luxurious indoor pool doesn’t have to be large. But how the design and decoration are what will make the swimming pool look luxurious. Below you can see 7 images of indoor swimming pools that can be a reference for you.

Amazing Luxurious Indoor Pool Ideas You Never Seen Before

Beautiful Luxury Swimming Pool Idea

Beautiful Luxury Swimming Pool Idea

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If you want to build an indoor pool, then from the pictures above you will have an overview and inspiration as to what indoor pool you will submit to your consultant. You can start to consult with your home building consultant, which picture is suitable for your home later.

Hopefully this post will be useful for you to have a luxurious indoor pool that will make your kids happy. But make sure there are adults watching your children while swimming.