6 Most Popular Indoor Herb Garden Ideas To Make Homes Healthier

Indoor herb garden ideas are usually used for things you can eat. Placement will usually be more in the kitchen, on the walls, in pots, or even with a hanging model at home. This herb garden will make it easier for you to cook. Usually, you who have to buy vegetables every day at the market, with this herb garden, you can have fresher vegetables that you can take any time. Get used to having this herb garden at home. Besides being able to provide freshness to the air at home, you can also use it for other purposes without having to buy. Look at some of the inspiration in the pictures below.

Here Are Most Popular Indoor Herb Garden Ideas To Make Homes Healthier

#1 Best Wall Herb Garden Ideas

Marvelous Herb Garden Ideas In the Kitchen
Having a herb garden plant can be placed on the wall, this is usually found on the kitchen wall. Take advantage of this herb garden can be as a treatment or you make it a vegetable that you can eat.

image source

DIY Indoor Herb Garden Design
This is another model of an herb garden on the wall of a house. You can make a unique shelf with a circle model to make it look more elegant for your home decor.

image source

#2 DIY Hanging Herb Garden Ideas

Kitchen With Herb Garden Design Ideas
Hanging design is also no less interesting than other styles. This is suitable for you to put near the window so that it can be an air filter that will enter the room in your home.

image source

#3 Utilizing Stairs for Herb Garden

Inspiring Indoor Herb Garden Ideas
If you have found a place to put a herb garden, try this one. Look for stairs that you don’t use, then make them as material to support plants to make them more attractive and beautiful.

image source

#4 Herb with Glass Mason Jars

Indoor Mason Jar Herb Garden Ideas
You can use a mason jar then place it on the table. You can put it on the table in the kitchen or as an additional decoration in the living room to make it look fresher.

image source

#5 Make Use of Milk Cans Bottle

Creative Herb Garden For A Table
You can use milk cans to make herbal plants more attractive. Then you can put it on the kitchen table as well as a unique and cool table decoration.

image source

#6 Use Wood Shelves

Beautiful Indoor Garden Design Ideas
You can put this herb garden on a wooden shelf. You can install shelves like this on the wall in the kitchen or in another room. This is suitable to open only in the kitchen, but in a room that requires air freshness and beauty of decoration.

image source

Hopefully, this article can be an inspiration in making a herb garden at home. Because this herb garden aside from being a medicine can also be a vegetable that we can eat every day.

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