In summer our home needs refreshment, so it doesn’t feel hot and adjusts to the summer theme. One of the rooms that we need to do is redecorate the living room. Why the living room? Because of this room, we will entertain our guests and is also usually a gathering place for our families.

And the beach living room is a theme that is very fitting for the summer. Because this theme can really give a fresh and bright atmosphere. And indeed in the summer, we need a new atmosphere with decorations that make everyone in our home feel more comfortable.

Beach decorations are usually synonymous with blue and are usually combined with bright white. The blue color you can choose blue or navy blue. The combination of white and navy blue gives a comfortable effect on the eyes. And for the decoration, you can add sea animals that are already dry, such as snails, lobsters, crabs, starfish, and sea rocks. But make sure everything is safe for your children.

To make this post more perfect, we have also included 10 pictures of beach living room decor to inspire you. Please look at the pictures below.

Gorgeous Beach Living Room Decor Ideas

Beach Cottage Style

Beach Cottage Style

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For those of you who are planning to redecorate your living room this summer, you can look at the picture above to get the ideas and inspiration you want.